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Behind the Scenes Mad Max Footage is Gearhead Heaven

Desert Scrap Yard

Last year, the highly-anticipated reimagining of George Miller’s classic post-apocalyptic movie series Mad Max hit theaters and blew audiences away with its nonstop onslaught of adrenaline-pumping action. Between its barren wasteland landscapes, crazed villains and a seemingly endless supply of explosions, Mad Max: Fury Road had all the elements it needed to become an instant… Read more »

Will Motorsports be Included in the 2020 Olympic Games?

Formula 1 Race Car

This weekend, a torch-lighting ceremony in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro marked the beginning of the 2016 summer Olympic Games. Every four years, the Summer Olympics offer the world’s top athletes the chance to compete against one another in front of a global audience of millions of fans. While race events have been… Read more »

Proposed EPA Regulation Threatens Auto Racing

Auto Race

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering new regulations that could severely hamper the auto racing industry, according a report from Autoblog. The EPA’s proposed rule change would remove a long-standing exemption that allowed people to make modifications to their car’s engine for auto racing purposes. Since the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970,… Read more »