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Things to Know About Transfer Cases

Quick Change Transfer Cases for Performance Vehicles

If you have a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, then your vehicle has what is called a transfer case inside of it. Transfer cases are sometimes called transfer gear cases or transfer gearboxes, and they are part of what allows you to put your vehicle into four-wheel drive in an instant. They are one… Read more »

Tips for Preparing for a Motor Race

Motorbike Racing

Do you have a big motor race coming up in the near future? If so, you are probably starting to get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. Getting behind the wheel for a motor race can be a very stressful event, so there’s a good chance that you are feeling the nerves that… Read more »

Modified Golf Cart Burns Past a Corvette Z06 in a Drag Race

Superfast Modified Golf Cart

Drag strips are great places to watch intrepid gearheads test the limits of their most ludicrous designs. Recently, one of these drivers decided to test out their latest project in a quarter-mile race against a 1000-horsepower supercharged Corvette Z06. The catch? This driver rolled up to the track in a golf cart. Ordinarily this would… Read more »

Watch a Subaru WRX STI Take on an Olympic Bobsled Run

St. Moritz Switzerland

As the first and oldest bobsled track in the world, the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun in St. Moritz, Switzerland holds a special place in the hearts of the sport’s biggest fans. It’s also the only “natural” track to ever host the Olympics; the slopes of St. Mortiz are carved into the ground, rather than built… Read more »

IHRA Drag Races are Coming Back to ESPN

Drag Racing Car

Looking for something to watch this weekend? With a cable subscription, you can watch as many as eight hours of drag racing a day on ESPN3 this Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5.This will be the first time since 1999 that an ESPN network has aired International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) drag races. After 18 years… Read more »

Formula One’s New Owners Want to Hold a U.S. Street Race

Formula One Race Car

After four decades under the leadership of British business magnate Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One has a new chief executive with big plans for the sport’s future. In addition to revitalizing some of F1’s most famous races in Western Europe, chief executive Chase Carey would also like to bring a new race to the streets of… Read more »

Manual Transmission Sales Continue to Dwindle in the US

Automotive Stick Shift

It seems the term “standard” transmission has become something of a misnomer for American consumers. Last year, vehicles with manual transmissions accounted for less than 3 percent of all vehicle sales in the US. For the average commuter in 2016, the decline in manual transmission sales might have been borderline imperceptible. For those of us… Read more »