Modified Golf Cart Burns Past a Corvette Z06 in a Drag Race

Modified Golf Cart Burns Past a Corvette Z06 in a Drag RaceDrag strips are great places to watch intrepid gearheads test the limits of their most ludicrous designs. Recently, one of these drivers decided to test out their latest project in a quarter-mile race against a 1000-horsepower supercharged Corvette Z06.

The catch? This driver rolled up to the track in a golf cart.

Ordinarily this would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight, but this was no ordinary golf cart. Equipped with a four cylinder, 1300cc motor from a Suzuku Hayabusa, this golf cart could probably get you through the back nine in about three minutes flat.

But even with its beefy sport bike motor, the cart still only had about one sixth of the Corvette’s horsepower. Fortunately, it was able to make up for that discrepancy in weight savings. With nothing but a driver and a golf cart frame to carry, the Hayabusa motor could accelerate like crazy in a straight line.

The Corvette almost overtakes the cart near the end of the race, but it can’t quite match the rapid acceleration over such a short distance. The golf cart, meanwhile, looks like it can barely keep all four wheels on the ground. In fact, if you look closely you can even see a counterbalance bar on the back of the cart that keeps the front end from lifting up and doing somersaults down the track. The handling is probably pretty miserable, but it sure is fun to watch in a drag race.

Check out the video below to see this truly surreal display of engineering for yourself.