Zero Drag

Zero Drag ReverserZero Drag Assembly

Figure 1 Zero Drag Reverser     Nothing turns in Forward, but the Shaft 
Bellhousing Mount
2:1 planetary reduction in reverse
Detented neutral position
Available with Output for a U-Joint or direct hook up
Weights only 40lb
Matching Driveline components available






10 Series

10 Series Reverser with Brake10 Series Reverser PDF


Figure 2: 10 Series Reverser w/ Brake
The SCS 10 Series Reverser is a heavy-duty unit designed for any application which requires only a forward-reverse operation, with these features:
Bellhousing or independent mounting
Direct-Drive forward
2:1 planetary reduction in reverse
Detented neutral position
Any size input shaft to customer’s specification
2-1/16″ x 32 spline output shaft
Weighs only 40 pounds
Compact, only 10-3/8 inches long
Transmission brake optional
Matching driveline components available



10 Series Super Duty Reverser
10 Series Mid Mount

2-1/16 32 Spline Input and Output

Weight 45LBS (Aluminum)

Also Available in Lightweight Magnesium (37LBS)

Clutch Brake Available