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Franklin Planetary Components

Franklin Planetary Components

***Attention Tractor Pullers*** **Modified** **Alcohol Super Stock** **Pro Stock** New for your 2016 Season. Look what we have for you. It is time to upgrade to the new Replacement Ring Gears from SCS. Replacement Ring Gears for 4.0 and 4.6 Planetary and Sun Gears in Stock Early and Late Model Billet Spindles in Stock. Planetary… Read more »

Counter Rotation Transfer Cases

Counter Rotation Transfer Cases

**Counter Rotation Transfer Cases** Featuring the 12.66’’, 18.00’’ and the new 24’’ Transfer Case All Counter Rotation Cases are for Rear Engine Trucks. The 12.66’’ is available with either a driver side or passenger side 90° plate. Quick Change Gearing from 1.3 overdrive to 7.8 underdrive. Also comes standard with 1 3/4-10 spline input and… Read more »

Lightweight Mini Single Speed

Lightweight Mini Twin Countershaft w/Reverse

**Single Speed Twin Countershaft with Lightweight Reverser** The SCS Single Speed Lightweight Mini Transmission was designed for the weight conscious Mini Rod Pullers. Now weighing in at only 54 pounds verses 70 pounds with the original Mini Single Speed Still available with a wide range of Gear Ratios from 3.177 Underdrive to 2.34 Overdrive Input… Read more »

10.66” Standard Rotation Transfer Case

10.66" Standard Rotation 4x4 Transfer Case

This is the 10.66’’ Standard Rotation 4×4 Transfer Case. Available with Quick Change Gearing from 2.6 Overdrive to 3.8 Underdrive. A wide variety of yokes and flanges are available, including 1350 and 1480 billet yokes, small flanges or large 2 1/2 ton flanges. Can Be purchase with a 2 Wheel Drive Disconnect or with a… Read more »

New Turbo 400 Adaptor

Transfer Case that Mates Directly to a Turbo 400

We now offer the option to be able to Mate your transfer case directly to a Turbo 400 Transmission. This option is available on all sizes of transfer case and can be combined with a two wheel drive disconnect as well. It also comes with adjustable clocking for different Mounting Degrees. Please give us or your… Read more »

Monster Trucks, Apple Cider, and Pumpkins


Like a chameleon, the world around us is changing its color, its look. From the dog days of summer to the beginning stages of fall, the outside is transforming. The kiddies are back in school, football season is upon us – and that means one thing: fall festivals. Did you know that monster trucks are… Read more »

Marine Racing in August

Boat Racing in Blue Water

It’s almost the end of July, which means that people in some areas of the country are getting worried that summer is almost over. This of course seems foolish to us, as summer is more of a mentality than anything else, but if you live in an area of the country that is downpoured in… Read more »

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Going to a Monster Jam Show

In previous blog posts, we discussed the American icon known as the monster truck. Yes, this symbol has power, not just in its torque or the way it seamlessly crushes all around it, but the beating heart inside of it. We’re not talking about the motor, but the heart, the heart that we as fans… Read more »

Bob Chandler: A Modern Day Folk Hero

Bob Chandler - Father of the Bigfoot Monster Truck

The history of monster trucks is as storied as that of the country it was founded in, America. Monster trucks are as American as apple pie and baseball, and demonstrate the indomitable daredevil spirit that this country is known for. It’s almost as if monster trucks were on the Oregon Trail. Boy, is that quite… Read more »

Tom Meents Is a Monster Truck Superhero

There are all sorts of Guinness World records out there, many of which actually involve monster trucks. Some are more obvious, such as how fast a monster truck can go. Others are more subtle, such as the first-ever front flip in a monster truck. Last month, the latter was recently attempted and though it wasn’t… Read more »