Marine Racing in August

8603098_S-300x196It’s almost the end of July, which means that people in some areas of the country are getting worried that summer is almost over. This of course seems foolish to us, as summer is more of a mentality than anything else, but if you live in an area of the country that is downpoured in snow for what seems like years, the anxiety over summer ending is completely appropriate.

With that said, have you been out on the water on a boat of any kind, maybe doing a little marine racing? We hope that you have and if you haven’t, you better. The cool rush is enough to set your heart and bones straight and make you excited for life. It’s as American as it gets, if you think about it, and at SCS Gearbox, we’re determined to keep that going.

We keep that going a number of ways, but none more important than our marine racing components, which is guaranteed to give whatever boat you have a dynamic performance, including the highest levels of speed, acceleration, and control. We make sure your marine racer is super-charged because if it isn’t, what’s the point? See our selection of marine racing parts to optimize your boat or give us a call today with any questions you might have.

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