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Monster Jam Party in The Pits Maps

Monster Jam is a live event that sweeps across the country. The thousands of spectators can expect a night of entertainment watching the monster trucks race and crush their much smaller counterparts. This event is great for everyone. The thrill of hearing the roar of engines from the over-sized, spruced up trucks is a true… Read more »

Your Speed Boat Speedometer: How It Works

If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you know the fun and relaxation you can have while skimming the waters. But are you aware of exactly how everything works on your boat? Here is a little information that you might find interesting and helpful. The Pitometer The speedometer on a boat is called… Read more »

Monster Trucks: A Few Fun Facts

The monster truck, which used to be found in only certain parts of the country, can now be seen everywhere.  Typically they were constructed by marrying a pick-up truck style vehicle with huge tires and suspension. They are used in competitions and for entertainment, and stunts can include, jumping, donut, and car crushing. The more… Read more »

The Safety of Monster Truck Shows

Monster truck shows are widely popular across the country. While the entertainment level is always taken up a notch for guest excitement, show coordinators first go the extra mile with safety. At a monster truck event, you can expect strict safety procedure is put in place so as not to disrupt the spectator’s ability to… Read more »

Fun Facts About Tractor Pulling Events

Track Pulling

Who would have ever thought hooking things up to a tractor for it to pull would become such a rising form of entertainment? But the truth is that tractor pulling is a highly successful event with popularity across the country. This type of competition has quite a long history and many of the tractors that… Read more »

Getting into Boat Racing

Boat racing is an extremely popular sporting event that attracts millions of people. Testing a boat’s agility and speed as well as showcasing the driver’s skill encompass the thrills of why boat owners partake in such sport. In order to be part of an official boat race, you have to complete various steps. These steps… Read more »

The History of Monster Trucks & Monster Shows

Monster Truck shows have transformed from the rough and rowdy event into a family-friendly night of entertainment. People from all lifestyles can appreciate the roar of engines and huge tires crashing those pitiful tiny cars. The history of monster trucking began back in the 1980’s. The first monster truck show was held in 1982 at… Read more »