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SCS Gearbox Will Be At the Championship Tractor Pull

Championship Tractor Pulls

Do you love tractor pulling? Then you should make it a point to attend the Championship Tractor Pull at least once to see some of the best tractor pull drivers in the nation—and the world!—battle it out. The Championship Tractor Pull has been around for half a century now, and it will celebrate the monumental… Read more »

The History of Tractor Pulling

Tractor Pulling Races

Horses First At the very beginning, tractor pulling didn’t actually involve tractors at all. In the 1860s, horses were used to pull many of the machines used on farms, and farmers would often brag about how strong their horses were. To settle arguments, the farmers would take a barn door, lay it flat on the… Read more »

Reasons to Attend a Pulling Truck Show

Tractor Pull Participants

Truck pulling has always been extremely popular in certain parts of the country, but it’s become even more popular in recent years thanks to the internet. Whereas the reach of truck pulling was previously limited, there are now thousands of vehicle pictures used in truck pulling events online and just as many videos to go… Read more »

Championship Tractor Pull Rolls Into Louisville, Kentucky

Tractor Suspension

Last month, more than 300,000 visitors flocked to the 52nd annual National Farm Machinery Show at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. While some people came just to check out the vendor booths and agricultural exhibits, the main attraction for many visitors was the Championship Tractor Pull which is held every year during the farm show…. Read more »

Truck and Tractor Pull Draws Thousands to Rural Wisconsin

Tractor Pull Engine

In 1976, the Monroe County Agricultural Society hosted its first truck and tractor pull in Tomah, Wisconsin and drew 15,000 fans. 40 years later, the event has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the biggest truck and tractor pulls in the country. Now known as the National Truck Pullers Association Budweiser Dairyland… Read more »

Standard Rotation Transfer Cases

Standard Rotation Transfer Cases

**Standard Rotation Transfer Cases** Featuring the 10.66 ‘’, 12.66’’, 17.99’’ and the 23.33’’ Transfer Case All Standard Rotation Cases are for Front Engine Trucks   The 10.66’’ is available with Quick Change Gearing from 2.6 overdrive to 3.8 underdrive Also comes standard with 1 3/4-10 spline input and outputs   The 12.66’’ is available with… Read more »

Transfer Case & Reverser Kits

4x4 Transfer Case & Zero Drag Reverser

 Here at SCS Gearbox, we have 2 different Transfer Case and Reverser Combo Kits Available for you. First, there is the all in one kit. This comes with the 12.66 Magnesium Transfer Case with an Attached Reverser. It also comes with 3 sets of Quick change Gears, direct input made to your specifications, driveshaft and… Read more »