Tom Meents Is a Monster Truck Superhero

18728547_SThere are all sorts of Guinness World records out there, many of which actually involve monster trucks. Some are more obvious, such as how fast a monster truck can go. Others are more subtle, such as the first-ever front flip in a monster truck. Last month, the latter was recently attempted and though it wasn’t a success, the mere attempt is certain to inspire many more daredevils.

USA Today reports, “Monster Jam world champion Tom Meents barely missed out on setting a Guinness World Record Saturday night at MetLife Stadium, as his front flip didn’t quie go as planned. Although Meents eventually landed on all four tires, the flip wasn’t landed cleanly and didn’t count as a world record.”

So yeah, it’s unfortunate for Meents, but Guinness standards are strict. According to Guinness, “Meents completed a full forward rotation, landing on Max-D’s rear tires, however bounced into an over-rotation so that his front tires did not hit the ground, as required by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS guidelines.”

Despite Meents not hitting the world record, don’t expect him to just throw in the towel. Monster truck drivers are daredevils by nature and once is never enough. We can be sure that Meents or some other driver will definitely achieve the milestone sooner than later. His attempt at achieving the record is something we should all use as a motivational force to achieve all the things we want to do. That daredevil spirit runs through this country’s veins; we might as well embrace it and soar to new heights.

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