Keeping the American Dream Alive

14639026_S-300x200In previous blog posts, we discussed the American icon known as the monster truck. Yes, this symbol has power, not just in its torque or the way it seamlessly crushes all around it, but the beating heart inside of it. We’re not talking about the motor, but the heart, the heart that we as fans and onlookers put into it. The dreams that we see when we’re watching our favorite monster truck at an arena show. There’s just something so wholesome about bringing your son or daughter to a monster truck show and seeing their little faces beam up when that monster truck’s engine starts to roar.

At SCS Gearbox, we understand the importance of keeping this American tradition alive, which is why we have been serving as the leading manufacturer of quick change gears, 4×4 transfer cases, 10 spline gears, 6 spline gears, and other custom machining applications. When you’re in need of high performance for your tractor, truck, monster truck or boat, look no further than SCS Gearbox.

We want to keep the dream alive – that’s why we manufacture heavy duty engine, transmissions, gear changes, gearboxes and more that are made to stand up to high-intensity off-roading, jumping, crashing, racing and more. No matter what your goal is for your monster truck, we have top-quality parts that will optimize your performance. Our parts are built around our clients’ needs, so each piece is built to solve problems and make better trucks.

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