Monster Trucks, Apple Cider, and Pumpkins

Like a chameleon, the world around us is changing its color, its look. From the dog days of summer to the beginning stages of fall, the outside is transforming. The kiddies are back in school, football season is upon us – and that means one thing: fall festivals.

Did you know that monster trucks are an important part of fall festivals?

At SCS Gearbox Inc., we want monster trucks to be symbols of autumn, just like pumpkins and candy corn. It’s already starting to happen in different parts of the country. Just look at the fall festival happening in Scottdale, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh), as covered in

Rachel Basinger writes, “A crushing event is planned at the Scottdale Fall Festival Sept. 20, when the monster truck “Bigfoot” makes its way to the borough to crush some cars. This is actually the third year a monster truck will be at the festival.”

It makes sense as many of us are upset that summer is ending. Maybe we have some unresolved issues that are still lingering in the fading sunlight. Or maybe we simply are anxious and uneasy regarding the dark months ahead, dark in terms of weather of course. Witnessing a monster truck’s strength in person gives us a little boost, that we too can be the powerful if we just apply ourselves – and witnessing a legendary monster truck like “Bigfoot” crushing some cars is almost like a religious experience.

Monster trucks lift up the spirit and we hope that everyone in Scottdale gets a chance to see Bigfoot in action! What a way to begin the fall!

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