Custom Parts for Truck and Tractor Pulling

The summer is filled with tractor pulls across the entire country. Depending on the type of truck or tractor you have, you’ll have to figure out what types of parts you’ll need for your custom build or repair. Custom building in your garage during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be a great project to kill time with. 

Mini Rod with gearbox parts

SCS Gearbox Parts for Your Truck or Tractor

We have transmissions, gearboxes, and transfer cases for your truck or tractor. Whether you’re finding parts for your 2WD, 4WD, or Mini Rods, we have the experts and parts to help you succeed in improving your vehicle. 

  • 2WD – We have parts for your 2-Wheel Drive Puller including transmissions, reversers, axles and hubs. 
  • 4WD – Our truck components are built specially for weight, lengths, and resistance of a tractor pull. Having added horsepower, extended torque, and greater endurance can make or break if you win or lose a pull. SCS Gearbox can offer you transfer case reverser combo kits, axles, transfer cases, aluminum hubs, and transmissions. 
  • Mini Rods – Mini Rods are light in weight and have large engines. In tractor pulling, mini rods can be some of the most intense vehicles to perform in. Our parts are meant to help you become more competitive and your ride more powerful. It’s important to have the right stability in different terrains. SCS Gearbox can help you improve your performance with transmissions and reversers. 

Custom Building and Modifying

Getting specialized parts from SCS Gearbox will help you to stand out on the track, as well as perform at the highest level. If your starting off, start with quick change gears and transfer cases. Gearboxes from us will give you the maximum power and full potential of your engine for the pull. Modified Tractor Gearboxes, Transmissions, Transmissions for single engine mods, planetaries for tractors, components, and engine couplers can get your machine to its top performance level.

With our experience and expertise, building or repairing becomes much easier. During the time you are quarantined, it might be a good idea for you to work on your tractor or truck for the next tractor pull. If tractor pulls and events get pushed back and rescheduled, your vehicle will be all set to go. 

SCS Gearbox 

At SCS Gearboxwe have what it takes to make your tractor pull experience the best it can be. When custom building or repairing, you need to make sure that every part is functioning for your vehicle. A detailed build will give you the result you need. With the CNC Machining advantage, we can manufacture quality parts at a consistent pace. Before any part leaves our shop, we want to make sure that it is perfected. CNC machining helps to eliminate human error, but that doesn’t mean it will be perfect. We’re dedicated to making sure everything is in place with your custom parts. 

If you’re looking to build a performing truck or tractor for pulling, contact SCS Gearbox at 419-483-7278 today!