The World’s Fastest Speedboats

When you’re out on a boat and you get to the top speed, it feels like you’re flying. In reality, you may not be going as fast as you think. You may be surprised to see the top speeds of different boats. Well, here are some averages of common boats out on the water. Sailboat… Read more »

Custom Parts for Truck and Tractor Pulling

The summer is filled with tractor pulls across the entire country. Depending on the type of truck or tractor you have, you’ll have to figure out what types of parts you’ll need for your custom build or repair. Custom building in your garage during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be a great project to kill time… Read more »

Why Do Dinghy Racers Go So Fast?

You may have heard of this race, but you also may not have heard of it. In Australia, there is a boat race called Extreme Dinghy Race. It started in 1981, and today, it has grown very popular in Australia. The extreme aspect to the race is that these small boats can get up to 50… Read more »

Summer is on its Way. Get Your Sand Racer Ready!

Summer is right around the corner, and we are staying positive about the Coronavirus pandemic. We’re looking forward to summer activities including sand and mud racing. If you’re an avid racer, you may want to get your racer vehicle ready for recreational and competitive use.  At SCS Gearbox, we have quick change transfer cases, countershafts, transmissions, and… Read more »

What is the World’s Fastest Motorcycle?

People wonder what the world’s fastest motorcycle is. It’s 2020, and motorcycles have improved and increased in capabilities throughout the years. As of now, the fastest motorcycle on the market is the Dodge Tomahawk. This beauty was introduced back in 2003 and still is the world’s fastest. Here’s a closer look at the bike: The… Read more »

What Better Time Than Now to Work on Your Motorcycle

We’re at a crossroads in the world with the COVID-19 crisis still going on. Many people are out of work, some are working from home, and others who are retired may be going crazy trying to find stuff to do. At SCS Gearbox, we want you to know that there is no better time than now to… Read more »

How Do I Become a Monster Truck Driver?

This may have been on your mind for quite some time, but now you’re really considering what it takes to become a monster truck driver. No matter what career path you’ve taken so far or thought about taking, monster truck driving requires some preparation and research. If you’re serious about the monster truck industry, here… Read more »

It’s Time to Replace Your Axle

If you have a bad axle, your truck will not get very far. This is a problem for any type of vehicle because you will not get an efficient drive with a damaged axle. You may need a replacement axle if you notice problems occurring with your truck or other vehicle. Here are some signs… Read more »

Tips on Restoring Your Vintage Motorcycle

It’s pretty common to hear someone talk about the idea of restoring their old motorcycle that has been sitting in the back of their garage for some years now. It’s also not surprising to hear them say for years that they would like to fix up the bike but haven’t gotten around to it. Well,… Read more »