How New Technology is Helping Monster Trucks Jump Higher

When you sit down at a Monster Jam show in 2019, it won’t take you long to realize that today’s monster trucks are capable of doing more than crushing cars and making a lot of noise. They’re also designed to drive fast, and many of them are even able to soar high in the sky… Read more »

SCS Gearbox Parts Are Being Featured on Dirty Mudder Truckers!

This spring, the Discovery Channel debuted a new show called Dirty Mudder Truckers. It provides viewers with an inside look at the underground world of truck racing, and it focuses on a group of Florida racers who call themselves the Dirty 7. During each episode of Dirty Mudder Truckers, a different group of challengers squares… Read more »

A Look at Monster Truck Institutions

Monster trucks really haven’t been around for that long. They first started to pop up on the scene back in the 1970s when people began modifying their pickup trucks to make them bigger and badder. After awhile, it was clear that monster trucks were here to stay. Nonetheless, despite the relatively short history of monster… Read more »

Monster Trucks Vs. Lifted Trucks

There are many people who believe monster trucks and lifted trucks are the same thing. However, the truth is that there are a bevy of key differences that set each of them apart. It’s important to know and understand these differences before you set out to build either a monster truck or a lifted truck…. Read more »

How Are Monster Trucks Transported?

Monster trucks obviously have the word monster in them for a reason. They’re significantly larger than any of the other trucks that you’ll see out on the road. Monster Jam monster trucks, for example, are 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide and weigh somewhere around 12,000 pounds in most cases. This makes monster trucks… Read more »

Signs You Have a Head-Turning Monster Truck

There have been some monster trucks that have achieved great fame over the years, with names like “Grave Digger,” “Bigfoot,” “Maximum Destruction,” “Monster Mutt,” and “Batman.” What are some signs you have a desirable monster truck? Name and Graphics Well, if you pick a cool name for your truck and everybody knows and likes and… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Sled Pulling

There are a variety of motorsports you can take part in if you enjoy taking vehicles and pushing them to the limit. Nevertheless, very few of them are as exciting as sled pulling. Sled pulling is widely regarded as one of the most powerful motorsports in the world because of the engines that are associated… Read more »

How Custom Fabricated Parts Benefit Racers

Are you having an unbelievably tough time finding a specific performance racing part for a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle? Rather than spending hours and hours searching for it or emptying your bank account to get your hands on it, order custom fabricated parts for your performance racing vehicle instead. It’ll allow you to replace… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When Buying a Monster Truck

Buying a monster truck is an exciting, but big investment. Unless you’re buying an extremely old monster truck and trying to bring it back from the dead, you’re likely going to pay many thousands of dollars for one. That means you need to carefully consider a few things prior to doing it. Here are some… Read more »