The Differences Between 4 Wheel and 2 Wheel Drive

4 Wheel Vs 2 Wheel Drive SCS Gearbox has performance parts for a wide range of vehicle types, including those equipped with 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive.

Simply put, some vehicles have power going to all four wheels at a time, while most just have power going to two wheels.

4 Wheel Drive

Four wheel drive is often utilized by vehicles that have to go off smooth roads and battle mud, holes, hills, rocks, etc. In other words, four wheel drive works well for “all-terrain.” With four wheel drive vehicles, power goes from the transmission to the transfer case. Maximum torque is divided among the front and rear axles thanks to the transfer case. By splitting the power evenly, the transfer case ensures all four wheels turn at the same speed. Vehicles with four wheel drive offer the best traction for off-road conditions. Plus, this feature can typically be turned on/off for fuel efficiency.

2 Wheel Drive

Two wheel drive isn’t as complex as four wheel drive. With two wheel drive, the engine’s power makes two wheels spin. There’s “front wheel drive,” which uses the two front wheels to get the vehicle moving, and “rear wheel drive,” which uses the back two. In the 1970s, a lot of cars had rear wheel drive, and that would cause them to get stuck in the snow. Why? Well, there wasn’t much weight over them. That’s probably why front wheel drive is the norm now for most passenger cars. Front wheel drive has the engine’s weight providing good equilibrium over the front wheels. Almost all modern cars are front wheel driven to avoid power loss due to drive shaft. Rear wheel drive is still used, but you’re more likely to find it on performance (race) cars or heavy duty trucks.

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