How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

With the winter season approaching at full speed, it’s time to think about preparing your bike for winter storage. Whether you have a custom-built Vanquish V8 Motorcycle or a more basic bike, they all require winter maintenance.

Here are a few tips to properly store and get your motorcycle ready for the upcoming winter months to save you money and added stress come springtime.

Winter Storage for Your Motorcycle

Prepare the Fuel System

Draining the fuel from the carburetors is one of the most important and easiest steps in preparing your bike for storage. This process removes water and other contaminants from the bike’s carbs and prevents clogging. If your bike is fuel-injected, draining the system is not possible. In that case, fill the fuel tank and use a fuel stabilizer, so the fuel doesn’t start breaking down in your tank and your fuel lines.

Replace the Oil

When a motorcycle is stored with used motor oil, the carbon created in the combustion chamber will slowly separate and rise to the surface. This deposit is extremely corrosive and causes etching on metal surfaces, such as transmission gears and bearings. You should replace the engine’s oil and filter before storage to remove dirty oil and the harmful carbon deposits suspended within it.

Tend to Your Battery

If you have a lead-acid battery with a screw-on cap, make sure to check your battery fluid level before storing your bike away. Low battery acid causes sulfation, leading to a short between the internal plates. If you ignore your battery and leave it where it can freeze, it might crack the case, allowing acid to spill on the bike. Keeping your battery in warmer storage and periodically charging it will provide you with the longest service life from your battery.

Owning a motorcycle comes with the responsibility to maintain it. Just because you cannot get a lot of use out of it during the colder months does not mean you stop caring for it. Following these tips can save you from unnecessary stress when checking your bike after a long winter season, but sometimes malfunctions happen regardless of how much you prepare. If you realize damage was done to your gearbox after a long winter, SCS Gearbox can supply you with a new and improved one. We specialize in gearboxes for Vanquish V8 Motorsports but have helped countless customers with a wide range of motorcycles and parts. Call (419) 483-7278 to request a custom-built part or help with your upcoming bike project for the next riding season.

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