Keep These Things in Mind When Racing on a Dirt Track

Dirt Track RacingDirt track racing can be a lot of fun. It can be even more fun when you’re able to win some of the races you enter. Before you get started, there are some simple tips you should follow to increase your chances of coming out on top. Check out those tips below:

Avoid adding too much power to your car.

During a normal race, you want your vehicle to have as much power as possible. It will allow it to go as fast as it can. Nevertheless, during a dirt track race, too much power can actually be a bad thing. You will end up struggling to control your car on the course. Grip is much more important, so you should spend your time working on fine-tuning your vehicle so that you’re able to control it once your next race starts. Choosing the right tires is especially important during a race on a dirt track.

Stick to the lower gears during your race.

When racing on dirt tracks, you always want to use a manual transmission that will allow you to switch gears on the fly and stay in complete control. You also want to stay in the lower gears since it will help you when you brake and give you the right engine response throughout the course of your race.

Study the dirt track in advance of your race.

When you start driving on a dirt track during a race, you want to know it inside and out. The last thing you want to do is blindly start racing since it will force you to spend the first part of the race figuring out how to best control your car on the course. It could also lead to accidents and other issues down the line. So before the race begins, make sure you have a game plan for it.

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