The World’s Fastest Speedboats

When you’re out on a boat and you get to the top speed, it feels like you’re flying. In reality, you may not be going as fast as you think. You may be surprised to see the top speeds of different boats. Well, here are some averages of common boats out on the water.

Sailboat – Average Speed = 8 mph/Top Speed = 12 mph

Pontoon – Average Speed = 15-30 mph/Top Speed = 35 mph

Cruiser – Average Speed = 16-30 mph/Top Speed = 50 mph

If you’re on a cruiser going top speed of 50 mph, it will seem like you’re going way faster on the water. 

Three Marine Boats racing out on the waters

What are the Fastest Boats? 

If we want to see some real speed, we’ll have to take a look at some of these insanely fast boats. 

Problem Child – This nitro drag boat has the capability to reach a top speed of 262 mph in 3.5 seconds. This boat has won Drag Boat World Championships in 2006, 2011, 2012, and 2013 and holds the 15 quickest 1,000-foot elapsed time of all time. 

Bluebird K7 – This is one of the oldest and fastest hydroplanes. The Bluebird holds a top speed of 276 mph, which was reached back in 1964. Currently, the boat is being refurbished due to a deadly wreckage in 1967 trying to get to a top speed of 300 mph. Hopefully we’ll see this historic boat back on the waters very soon. 

The Spirit of Australia – This holds the World record of speed at 317.6 mph, which was designed in Ken Warby’s backyard. The boat had run on Westinghouse J34 jet engines, which are used in aircraft and fighter jets. Although many people have tried to break the record speed, no one has done so. 

How Do I Get My Boat to Go Faster? 

If you’re in the game of speed boating, you’ll have to take a look at several different areas to figure out how to get a faster speed in your boat. You’ll have to upgrade some parts in your boat to compete at a higher performance out on the water. 

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SCS Gearbox 

At SCS Gearboxyou’ll be getting the best machined parts for your marine boat racer. Don’t get too intimidated by the world’s fastest boats because you may not need a top speed of 300 mph to compete. It won’t be necessary, but keep in mind, you’ll have incredible improvements with performance out on the waters. 

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