Monster Truck Events Being Postponed Across the Country

You have a reason to work on your monster truck now that monster truck events are being postponed. We know how you’re feeling. It’s difficult to fathom, but we have to get through the pandemic together, so if this gives us more time to repair the parts of our monster trucks that need to be fixed, then we shall do it. 

Monster Truck Events

The Advantage of Postponements 

We may not think there are benefits to postponements or cancellations, but we have to realize that when the event comes back, you may be more prepared for it. Many monster truck drivers have to make sure that their monster truck is perfect for the event. When there are the slightest flaws in your performance or truck, the event will take a hit. This time allows us to hammer out our mistakes and errors, so that when the time comes, our performance is our best. 

How Can We Improve Our Truck or Performance? 

We may not like it, but now is the time to make improvements. For one, you should make sure your truck’s parts are in perfect working condition. This means you need to check your gearbox, transmission, axles, quick change gears, transfer case gears, reversers, etc. At SCS Gearboxwe can help you make updates and repairs if a part of your truck is not working to its full potential. 

Custom machining from us is beneficial for your monster truck because monster trucks aren’t like any other vehicle. A monster truck needs power to perform, which means the proper parts need to be implemented into your truck. 

Monster Truck Events Will Be Back 

This is just temporary. We understand your pain knowing that monster truck events across the globe are being postponed or cancelled. The world is taking the necessary steps to keep people healthy and safe. At this point, we can either be bummed about it, or we can make improvements to our monster trucks and performance. 

Contact SCS Gearbox at 419-483-7278 today to learn more about how we can help get your monster truck ready for when the events come back!