The Safety of Monster Truck Shows

Monster Truck Shows Monster truck shows are widely popular across the country. While the entertainment level is always taken up a notch for guest excitement, show coordinators first go the extra mile with safety.

At a monster truck event, you can expect strict safety procedure is put in place so as not to disrupt the spectator’s ability to cheer and shout for their favorite truck. The speed at which a five to six ton monster truck roars over other vehicles can cause debris to scatter and potentially do harm. This is why show officials take no chances and make sure everyone involved remains safe.

Accidents can happen, but viewers and show personnel should know that monster truck associations such as MonsterJam do all they can to protect the people and reserve the good reputation this sport has been able to maintain.

Some of the safety protocols put into place at event shows include:

  • All trucks are equipped with a remote ignition interruption feature that is operated by personnel. The interruption is a switch that can automatically shut off a truck if a problem is suspected.
  • Before the event begins, each truck’s remote ignition interruption feature is tested to make sure it’s working properly.
  • A buffer zone is installed that sits in between the dirt track and seats, which is standard at all shows.
  • Prior to monster truck shows, the venue is always scoped out and evaluated for what safety measures need to be taken.

Because of this sports potential for real danger, these events wouldn’t be run if safety weren’t a high priority. Just as with any sport, we have to be mindful of accidents, but monster truck enthusiasts can be assured that safety and protection is always at the forefront.


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