Monster Jam Party in The Pits Maps

monster truck showsMonster Jam is a live event that sweeps across the country. The thousands of spectators can expect a night of entertainment watching the monster trucks race and crush their much smaller counterparts.

This event is great for everyone. The thrill of hearing the roar of engines from the over-sized, spruced up trucks is a true adrenaline rush. As the owners parade their masterpiece trucks around the stadium, we really can’t help but marvel at them.

The corporation that coordinates the show does all it can to make sure the guests get a show that was worth paying for. A new component to enjoying all that Monster Jam has to offer is the Monster Jam World Finals XV Party In The Pits map.

This downloadable map allows you a view of the Sam Boyd Stadium to see where the action is.

Some features of the map include where each truck’s pit stop is located, where you can find shops, food and how to navigate the stadium.

If you don’t want to miss out on the event fun, then you have to download the Party In The Pit map. This map is available every year just a few weeks before the annual Party in the Pits. They’re often released on

Here’s a link to the one from this year to give you an idea of how awesome they are!

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