Monster Trucks: A Few Fun Facts

monster truck partsThe monster truck, which used to be found in only certain parts of the country, can now be seen everywhere.  Typically they were constructed by marrying a pick-up truck style vehicle with huge tires and suspension. They are used in competitions and for entertainment, and stunts can include, jumping, donut, and car crushing. The more modern monster truck is now a dune buggy type of vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Monster trucks came into being in the 1970’s but in the late 1960’s trucks were being modified for the sports of truck pulling and mud bogging, which were becoming increasingly popular. At that time the wheels were about 48” in diameter.

Monster trucks have two steering mechanisms – one at the front and one in the back. This facilitates the truck making sharper turns more quickly. A driver of a monster truck must wear a helmet and harness, a fire suit and restraints for the head and neck. Accidents do happen and it is mandatory that the driver of a monster truck be well prepared. And most monster trucks have 3 switches that will turn of the engine and electrics in the case of a mishap. Remote Ignition Interrupters are used in the event a driver loses control of the truck.

Located in the rear of the truck, behind the driver, is the engine, and it runs on alcohol. The standard measurements for a modern monster truck are 66”x43”x25” and it uses an automatic transmission or custom designed one.

Safety is key with monster trucks and they should be driven competitively only after much practice, and with a great deal of care. But used properly, they can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for you and your family. It can be an exciting way to spend time with those you love.

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