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An Overview of Mud Bogging

Do you like driving powerful vehicles and playing in the mud? Then mud bogging is an off-road motorsport that’s right in your wheelhouse. Although mud bogging is a motorsport that’s still evolving over time, the people who participate in it have a blast. From putting together the perfect mud bogging vehicles to taking part in… Read more »

Standard Rotation Transfer Cases

Standard Rotation Transfer Cases

**Standard Rotation Transfer Cases** Featuring the 10.66 ‘’, 12.66’’, 17.99’’ and the 23.33’’ Transfer Case All Standard Rotation Cases are for Front Engine Trucks   The 10.66’’ is available with Quick Change Gearing from 2.6 overdrive to 3.8 underdrive Also comes standard with 1 3/4-10 spline input and outputs   The 12.66’’ is available with… Read more »

Attention Mud and Sand Racers

Straight Thru Transfer Case

Straight Thru 4×4 Transfer Case with PowerGlide and Turbo 400 Adaptors Quick Change Gearing 10.666 Centerline 90lbs Ratios from 2.6 Overdrive to 3.8 Underdrive Bolts Directly to Turbo 400 or PowerGlide Transmissions Available in Driver or Passenger Side Orientation Clockable up to 53° (Turbo 400 Only) All Are available with a wide selection of Yokes,… Read more »

Counter Rotation Transfer Cases

Counter Rotation Transfer Cases

**Counter Rotation Transfer Cases** Featuring the 12.66’’, 18.00’’ and the new 24’’ Transfer Case All Counter Rotation Cases are for Rear Engine Trucks. The 12.66’’ is available with either a driver side or passenger side 90° plate. Quick Change Gearing from 1.3 overdrive to 7.8 underdrive. Also comes standard with 1 3/4-10 spline input and… Read more »

10.66” Standard Rotation Transfer Case

10.66" Standard Rotation 4x4 Transfer Case

This is the 10.66’’ Standard Rotation 4×4 Transfer Case. Available with Quick Change Gearing from 2.6 Overdrive to 3.8 Underdrive. A wide variety of yokes and flanges are available, including 1350 and 1480 billet yokes, small flanges or large 2 1/2 ton flanges. Can Be purchase with a 2 Wheel Drive Disconnect or with a… Read more »

New Turbo 400 Adaptor

Transfer Case that Mates Directly to a Turbo 400

We now offer the option to be able to Mate your transfer case directly to a Turbo 400 Transmission. This option is available on all sizes of transfer case and can be combined with a two wheel drive disconnect as well. It also comes with adjustable clocking for different Mounting Degrees. Please give us or your… Read more »