It’s Time to Replace Your Axle

If you have a bad axle, your truck will not get very far. This is a problem for any type of vehicle because you will not get an efficient drive with a damaged axle. You may need a replacement axle if you notice problems occurring with your truck or other vehicle.

Here are some signs to look out for if you need a replacement axle:

Truck axle replacement

Vibration and Noise

If you notice vibration in your wheel when driving, this could be a sign of a bad axle. However, you may have a problem with the CV joint, which is less daunting, but you never want to risk it if it turns out to be a bad axle. You may experience noises such as clicking when turning corners or backing sharply. Make sure to turn down your music if you hear something of this kind.

Grease Leaking Underneath the Truck

There are plenty of things that can cause grease to leak out underneath your vehicle. When it comes to the axle, the rubber cover over the axle can cause grease to leak. This does not mean that you have a damaged axle yet, but this can cause future problems. If the axle boot is causing leakage, then it should be repaired before other axle issues occur.

The Tell-Tale Sign of a Bad Axle

If your truck runs normally, but it does not go anywhere on the road, this is a tell-tale sign of a broken axle. The engine only may rev even if you step on the accelerator pedal. Your vehicle will need a replacement axle right away.

Don’t wait any longer to get your axle repaired or replaced. You will be relieved with having a new axle for your truck. At SCS Gearbox, we provide replacement axles and other monster truck parts for whatever your needs are. Contact SCS Gearbox at 419-483-7278 today!