Transfer Case & Reverser Kits

 Here at SCS Gearbox, we have 2 different Transfer Case and Reverser Combo Kits Available for you.

First, there is the all in one kit. This comes with the 12.66 Magnesium Transfer Case with an Attached Reverser. It also comes with 3 sets of Quick change Gears, direct input made to your specifications, driveshaft and shielding made to your specifications, shielding ring and candle stick with Bearing, and all the couplers for the set up to be complete.All-In-One-Add-232x300

Second, the other kit that is available is the case and reverser kit. This kit includes the Zero Drag Reverser and the 12.66 Transfer Case. In this kit, the 2 are not combined together. This kit just like the other comes with all of the essentials needed for the build. Including, three sets of Quick Change Gears, driveshaft and Shielding made to your specifications and all of the couplers needed.4x4-and-Zero-Drag-Kit-Add-232x300

Finally, I would like to make note that all of the parts for these kits are in stock all the time and only take a few days to assemble based on your specifications. We want to make the searching process end with us when you realized that we have everything that you could possibly need right in one location. We are willing to work with you on all of your needs.

Please feel free to contact us today to see which kit could be best for you or if there is anything that you have questions about.

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