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Transfer Case & Reverser Kits

4x4 Transfer Case & Zero Drag Reverser

 Here at SCS Gearbox, we have 2 different Transfer Case and Reverser Combo Kits Available for you. First, there is the all in one kit. This comes with the 12.66 Magnesium Transfer Case with an Attached Reverser. It also comes with 3 sets of Quick change Gears, direct input made to your specifications, driveshaft and… Read more »

Attention 2.6 & 3.0 Diesel Pullers

Open Driveline Parts

Four Wheel Drive Components Click the Link to see everything that we offer for 4WD Pullers. Everything listed is in Stock ready to ship all the time! We are the only company that is willing to keep the parts on the shelf so that they are ready for you when you need them. Give us… Read more »

Franklin Planetary Components

Franklin Planetary Components

***Attention Tractor Pullers*** **Modified** **Alcohol Super Stock** **Pro Stock** New for your 2016 Season. Look what we have for you. It is time to upgrade to the new Replacement Ring Gears from SCS. Replacement Ring Gears for 4.0 and 4.6 Planetary and Sun Gears in Stock Early and Late Model Billet Spindles in Stock. Planetary… Read more »

Lightweight Mini Single Speed

Lightweight Mini Twin Countershaft w/Reverse

**Single Speed Twin Countershaft with Lightweight Reverser** The SCS Single Speed Lightweight Mini Transmission was designed for the weight conscious Mini Rod Pullers. Now weighing in at only 54 pounds verses 70 pounds with the original Mini Single Speed Still available with a wide range of Gear Ratios from 3.177 Underdrive to 2.34 Overdrive Input… Read more »

Fun Facts About Tractor Pulling Events

Track Pulling

Who would have ever thought hooking things up to a tractor for it to pull would become such a rising form of entertainment? But the truth is that tractor pulling is a highly successful event with popularity across the country. This type of competition has quite a long history and many of the tractors that… Read more »