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When Was the First Monster Truck Built?

Monster Trucks Demolishing 2 Cars

Most people are probably familiar with the Bigfoot monster truck. Bigfoot is one of the most well-established brands in the monster truck industry. However, do you know the history behind Bigfoot, which is considered to be the very first monster truck ever built? The History of Bigfoot Bigfoot was created by a former construction worker… Read more »

Interesting Facts about Monster Trucks

History of the Grave Digger Monster Truck

If you’ve never been to a monster truck show, you should change that soon. Monster trucks have evolved a lot over the course of the last 40 years, and catching a show in person is the best way to experience what they are all about. You will be blown away when you see what they… Read more »

The Monster Truck Families

When your family has lived for an entire generation or more in the same city, and that city has a monster truck show every summer then chances are your family might have created a tradition around going to the show every summer. It’s a common idea, about the same as if a fair came every… Read more »

Monster Trucks: A Few Fun Facts

The monster truck, which used to be found in only certain parts of the country, can now be seen everywhere.  Typically they were constructed by marrying a pick-up truck style vehicle with huge tires and suspension. They are used in competitions and for entertainment, and stunts can include, jumping, donut, and car crushing. The more… Read more »