The Monster Truck Families

14639020_SWhen your family has lived for an entire generation or more in the same city, and that city has a monster truck show every summer then chances are your family might have created a tradition around going to the show every summer. It’s a common idea, about the same as if a fair came every summer, or your family had an RV and went traveling every summer. There just isn’t that many things an entire family can enjoy, but monster trucks shows are something for the whole family.

This is why we have families who have made monster truck shows into a tradition, sometimes it is even carried on through the generations if the family stays near an area that is doing monster truck shows. But the shows are not the only area that has become a family tradition around monster trucks. There is also the option of paying to ride along in the monster trucks, which is certainly a unique experience.

This riding along in a monster truck can actually lead to an even greater love that can cause an entire family to become monster truck drivers, such as what occurred with the Vaters family. The Vaters own Vater Motorsports, and the father and mother are both monster truck drivers. Then there is the son as well, Mike II, who has jumped into the monster truck scene because he had been raised on them. Just like if you have a family that all goes into the military, or become lawyers; the same happens for monster trucks.

This only helps to show what kind of family event going to a monster truck show can be, and what it can become as a tradition. Monster Trucks have a way of getting to people’s emotions. Of course it’s the kind of emotions that have people jumping up and getting excited, but it is still a passion that incites further passion in the family member. That passion leads to greater things in life for all the family members, even if it isn’t connected to monster trucks.

It’s all about getting to feel that initial passion, no matter what it is for, and monster trucks and other exciting shows like that can excite that!


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