Why Do Dinghy Racers Go So Fast?

You may have heard of this race, but you also may not have heard of it. In Australia, there is a boat race called Extreme Dinghy Race. It started in 1981, and today, it has grown very popular in Australia. The extreme aspect to the race is that these small boats can get up to 50 mph in a tight river landscape. 

Extreme Dinghy Racing

Let’s Take a Look at These Boats: 

Most boats use a single outboard engine with power levels of 10 hp to 30 hp. The boats are small and open, which makes it extremely dangerous on the river dodging edges and trees. The boaters wear full-face helmets and life jackets. 

These boats are also custom built to make sure that they can get the right maneuverability and speed for the race. Think of the boat as a small fishing boat that is rigged to race in tight areas. 

Weight Distribution for Racing 

When it comes to weight distribution, it helps for the boaters to stay centered and control the direction of the boat with their weight leaning from one side to the other. It has to be precise because of the race’s course. Extreme Dinghy Racing

Marine Racing 

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