How To Maintain Your Powerboat

O power boat parts and supplieswning a boat is quite a thrill and a check mark off of many bucket lists. But just like owning a car, a boat needs to have routine maintenance performed to ensure it is always running properly.

Powerboats are on the rise in popularity these days. Not only is keeping the boat clean important, so is making sure that the systems are in great shape so you can enjoy fun in the sun out on the water.

Most people store there boats outdoor at a dock and overtime, weather elements can affect the condition of your boat. You can turn to a professional boat repair shop, but you might be spending more than expected. Routine maintenance is not out of your realm, you just have to know where to start and what to focus on.

In this post we’ll give you some tips to help you keep your boat in top shape.

  • After each boat outing you’ll want to rinse the boat with fresh water and use a scrub and marine wash to wash off any saltwater and residue.
  • Conduct a thorough examination of the hull for blisters in the gelcoat, stress cracks and barnacles.
  • When storing your boat, make sure the interior is dry and the cover is on tight. When moisture seeps in, mold and mildew can build up.
  • Using the manufacturer’s specifications, change the engine and drive train oil.
  • Run antifreeze through the engine to prevent the engine from freezing during the winter months.




For parts and accessories or information on how to maintain your powerboat, feel free to contact SCS Gearbox.

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