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How to Become a Monster Truck Driver

Monster Truck Crushing Cars

Is it your dream to be a monster truck driver one day? There are many different ways to attain your goal. If you asked 20 different monster truck drivers how they broke into the business, they would give you 20 different answers. Take a look at a few ways you can break into the world… Read more »

Monster Jam Is an Experience Like No Other

Are you planning on attending a Monster Jam show? If so, you’re in for an amazing event! Monster Jam shows allow you to experience all that monster trucks have to offer. You will see them do tricks, drive fast, and make tons of noise. In fact, you might want to bring a pair of earplugs… Read more »

SCS Gearbox Will Be At the Championship Tractor Pull

Championship Tractor Pulls

Do you love tractor pulling? Then you should make it a point to attend the Championship Tractor Pull at least once to see some of the best tractor pull drivers in the nation—and the world!—battle it out. The Championship Tractor Pull has been around for half a century now, and it will celebrate the monumental… Read more »

Who Will Be Driving the Wonder Woman Monster Truck?

Monster Truck Street Sign

Hey gearheads: there’s a new monster truck driver on the scene and she’s a lady named Collete Davis. While most monster truck drivers are men, women are making inroads in the industry. They can rev engines and crush cars just like guys do. Did you know there’s a new Wonder Woman Monster Jam truck and… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Auto Lovers

New Year's Resolutions

Do you absolutely love things with a motor? Then you should do something to make 2018 extra special. Specifically, you should make a New Year’s resolution that will help you show your love for cars while providing you with a brand new experience related to your love for vehicles. There are tons of different resolutions… Read more »

The Bigfoot Monster Truck Continues to Inspire

Monster Trucks Demolishing 2 Cars

Bigfoot is one of, if not the most famous monster truck of all time, and there are plenty of people who loved watching it when it first debuted back in the 1970s. There were also many people who were inspired to build their own monster trucks after seeing Bigfoot, and Paul Arft and his best… Read more »