Signs You Have a Head-Turning Monster Truck

Monster Trucks There have been some monster trucks that have achieved great fame over the years, with names like “Grave Digger,” “Bigfoot,” “Maximum Destruction,” “Monster Mutt,” and “Batman.”

What are some signs you have a desirable monster truck?

Name and Graphics

Well, if you pick a cool name for your truck and everybody knows and likes and uses it, then you’ve got a desirable one. Typically, you can put the name of it on the truck in cool, eye-catching graphics so everyone in town knows what to call it. You get bonus points if there are flames. And if people buy models of your truck to have in their own home for display (or to play with) then you’ve got yourself a true original and a winner. (In the 1980s, what young boy didn’t have a toy Bigfoot in their playroom?)

Size Matters

In America, bigger is better. So if you need a ladder to get into your truck, it’s cool! Meanwhile, if you’re driving down the road and little kids look up with wide-eyed wonder, smile, and ask you to honk the horn, it’s definitely desirable. Having a great monster truck is like having a one vehicle parade– attracting the attention of everybody on the road as you pass them by. They’ll smile, they’ll wave, and they’ll take pictures!

What Can You Drive Over?

One of the fun things monster trucks can and should do, when and where appropriate, is show their might by driving over smaller vehicles like MINI Coopers or “smart cars.” This shows their power and size and their ability to conquer obstacles that get in their way.

By the way, if you park your monster truck next to a HUMMER, and it makes the HUMMER look “small and cute,” then you’ve got yourself a desirable monster truck.

Monster trucks are an attraction to all those who encounter them– you can’t help but notice them! And when they do stunts? Forget about it! They’re extraordinary in a world of ordinary.

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