Airboat Races

Powerboat racingHigh performance vehicles of all kinds are the daily rage here at SCS Gearbox Inc. We’ve talked a lot here on our blog about monster trucks and other land vehicles for which we offer a variety of custom machining products. We’d like to take some time, however, to remind our readers about our high performance transmission and other products available for boats as well.

Across the nation, there are plenty of people and events who celebrate the high speeds and thrills of boat racing on lakes, rivers and waters of all kind. Interestingly, this article published by discusses a major boat-racing event taking place in the heart of the Great Plains, a region of our country not usually associated with major waterways.

Although the Loup River runs fairly shallow in the stretch that travels just north of the tiny Nebraska village of Palmer, it’s still plenty deep enough to one of the largest airboating events in the nation. More than 3,000 people visited the recent Thunder on the Loup event situated on a 70-acre stretch of private property to witness airboat races and take part in plenty of recreational activities.

More than 30 boats took part in races taking place over the first weekend of August. Some airboats had been outfitted with engine and transmission components capable of producing more than 900 horsepower, reaching top speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. These high-performance racing engines are often supported by electric fuel injection and other racing system components.

If you have an airboat or a different type of watercraft that you want to take to a whole new level of performance, you’ll find the products you need here at SCS Gearbox Inc. If you’re in it to win it, get your racing vehicle tricked out with the custom performance parts that we create. We provide exceptional customer service to clients all over the country from our headquarters in Bellevue, OH.

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