Tips on Restoring Your Vintage Motorcycle

It’s pretty common to hear someone talk about the idea of restoring their old motorcycle that has been sitting in the back of their garage for some years now. It’s also not surprising to hear them say for years that they would like to fix up the bike but haven’t gotten around to it. Well, don’t wait any longer! If you have an old bike that you would like to restore, here are some tips on how to do so.

motorcycle gearbox for old motorcycle

Your Motorcycle’s Gearbox

The most important thing to look at first is your motorcycle’s gearbox. It’s crucial to have a functioning transmission in order for your motorcycle to run properly. Most motorcycles use a sequential gearbox, which allows you to shift gears using a foot lever. Smaller bikes, scooters, and sport bikes more commonly use automatic transmissions. To get the most out of your restoration, SCS Gearbox Inc can provide you with the essential parts you need to restore your bike.

We are proud to be a part of the Vanquish V8 Motorsports team, and we have the capabilities to build gearboxes for your vintage motorcycle.

Here’s What to Look Out for

When taking your bike out of the garage and dusting it off, you should first test and check all the parts of the motorcycle. Checking the condition of the battery, carburetor, gas tank, spark plugs, electrical, lights, oil, brakes, and so on is essential before starting to restore.

SCS Gearbox Inc.

At SCS Gearbox Inc., we specialize in making gearboxes for motorcycles, as well as other motorcycle parts for your restoration or build. It’s always exciting to take out your old motorcycle and start working on it to eventually ride it again. If you need help with your transmission and gearbox, look no further! Contact SCS Gearbox Inc. at 419-483-7278 today.