Transfer Cases and Their Importance

Do you drive a monster truck, an off-roading SUV, or another type of vehicle that uses either four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive to get around? Then your vehicle likely has a transfer case inside of it. Transfer cases are very important to these types of vehicles, as they make it possible for power to be transferred to the right part of the vehicle while driving. You want to maintain your transfer case if you have one and possibly even consider upgrading it over the years to make sure your vehicle is performing the way it should at all times.

Monster truck transfer cases

An Overview of Transfer Cases

So, what is a transfer case exactly? Well, a transfer case is the part of your vehicle that is responsible for taking power from your transmission and moving it to the front and rear axles through the use of drive shafts. When you are driving a monster truck or another large vehicle that uses four-wheel or all-wheel drive, your front and rear tires will often rotate differently. Your transfer case will account for this difference accordingly when you are driving and synchronize all of your tires.

There are many different kinds of transfer cases that you will find on four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. For example, gear-driven transfer cases, as their name suggests, rely on gears that control the front and rear drive shafts. Chain-driven transfer cases on the other hand utilize chains to power the axles on a vehicle and are generally less noisy than transfer cases that use gears. Many vehicle owners choose to modify their transfer cases and add one that works best for their specific vehicle.

At SCS Gearbox, we understand that those who drive high-performance vehicles like monster trucks need to have the very best transfer cases on the market installed in their vehicles. We can provide them with top-of-the-line transfer cases and help handle the installation and maintenance of them. We can also answer any questions you might have about transfer cases as a whole. Call us at 419-483-7278 today for find out why you should consider upgrading your transfer case.