Powerboat Regatta on the Manatee River

Powerboat racingHere at SCS Gearbox, we’re interested in the responsible use of our high performance vehicle technologies. Innovation and ingenuity are often capable of accomplishing new levels of vehicle performance that produce a lower environmental impact at the same time. It’s good to see a generation of vehicle enthusiasts who are interested in sustaining the environment that allows them to enjoy their favorite pastimes.

Look at this article published by The Bradenton Herald, which discusses a powerboat regatta being held for environmentalist causes.in the coastal Florida community of Bradenton. A Formula 2 Powerboat Superleague racing event has been proposed for the area, which would occur in February 2015.

The Manatee River, which separates Bradenton from Palmetto just south of Tampa Bay, is a home to a unique assortment of marine life, including the manatees from which the waterway draws its name. It would seem that a powerboat regatta might be an odd way to raise funds for marine health, given the concerns that high performance boats pose to aquatic life along the water’s surface. However, some important considerations have been made by organizers to make sure that this event won’t negatively impact wildlife.

The powerboat regatta will take place during a time of year when manatees and other protected marine species naturally take to warmer climates, so their presence in the Manatee River should be close to none by this time. Biologists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have offered advice on a habitat protection plan for the event as well as an education plan for participants who will be steering these powerboats.

With the summer getting into full swing, regatta events much like this will be taking place all over the country. When those events involve close proximity to endangered wildlife, it’s always good to ensure that the safety of all living animals in that space is considered. When you want to fine-tune your powerboat, truck or tractor, check out the professional-grade quick change gears and other transmission equipment available through SCS Gearbox.

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