Monster Truck Summer Vacation Fun


monster truck repair partsThe summer season is upon us and what a better time than right now to start planning a summer vacation. Hitting the road is easy when you have a destination in mind. With so much to do and just a few months to get to it all, we’d like to suggest something fun for the whole family to enjoy.


Monster truck shows are an event fit for children of all ages. As a family friendly event, you can plan for an entire evening of exhilarating entertainment. Sitting in the stands, cheering for your favorite monster truck as they race the track and crush the little cars is a memory in the making for summer fun.


Monster truck shows can be found all over the country during the summer months. Attending a monster truck event is a great way to get in the car and spend quality family time together as you head to the show. Who knows, you might have so much fun at one show that you decide to travel to another, and why not, it’s summer vacation after all.


You can find upcoming Monster truck shows by visiting Anything you need to know about the shows including dates and where to purchase tickets can be found on the above website.


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