How to Improve Your Boat’s Speed

Marine Racing Your boat is probably already very fast, but do you wish that it could be even faster? Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to improve your boat speed and travel further in a shorter amount of time. Whether you race your boat or just enjoy taking it out on the open water to see what it can do, you can make your boat faster in no time. Here are some tips that will allow you to do it.

Blueprint the bottom of your boat.

Do you want to attempt to make your boat faster without doing anything to the engine or other major parts? A process called blueprinting might be a good place to start. Essentially, blueprinting involves taking the bottom of your boat and restoring it so that it looks the way it was intended to look originally. Many mass-produced boats have tiny imperfections in them that cause a slight drag on the boat and hold it back from reaching its full potential. Blueprinting will change that and allow you to pick up more speed.

Replace the propeller.

Another option you’ll have when trying to improve your boat’s speed is changing the propeller that’s used on it. This is, again, a simple and easy fix that can get you a few more miles per hour when you’re on the water. If your boat has an aluminum propeller on it, swapping it out for a stainless steel one could have a big impact on how fast your boat can drive.

Alter your engine, transmission, or gear changes.

If you try to two other suggestions listed here and still aren’t happy with your boat’s speed, it’ll be time for you to go to greater lengths to make your boat faster. There are high-performance engines, transmissions, and gear changes that can make your boat fast without weighing it down. These kinds of parts will also make your boat last a lot longer and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do on your own.

Do you need help improving your boat’s speed? SCS Gearbox can supply you with engines, transmissions, gear changes, and other parts that you’ll need to make your boat a racing machine. Call us at 419-483-7278 today to see what we can provide for your boat.