How to Dock a Powerboat Efficiently

Powerboats are easy enough to operate, though you should always get certified before attempting to drive one. And just like with driving a car, the trickiest part of the process is often parking (or in this case, docking). Here’s a step by step refresher on how to dock a powerboat efficiently.

Be sure that stern and bow lines along with fender lines are all prepped well in advance of pulling into the slip. This is where it helps to have a few passengers aboard to get things ready. Don’t make your job more difficult by waiting until the last minute.

There’s a no wake rule in most marinas anyway, but a good rule of thumb is to never approach the dock faster than you’d be willing to hit it. You can’t account for everything. Mechanical failures do happen, so play it safe and spare your boat and your pride some damage by pulling in slowly. This is also just a courtesy to other boaters in the marina.

Turn the wheel while you shift out of gear to slow your approach to the dock. This corrects your course before applying more power to forward drive. Again, this is like parallel parking. In a sense, you’re making sure your wheels are pointed in the right direction before hitting the gas.

Finally, use your resources. Passengers can help with the lines and keeping your boat away from the slip. If there are other people on the dock already, ask them for some perspective to pull in safely.

For more tips and tricks in operating powerboats, keep up with our blog. And for all of your powerboat and monster truck needs, contact SCS Gearbox Inc. today!


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