Gas vs. Diesel When Selecting a Marine Racing Engine this Summer

Marine Racing When picking out a marine racing engine, boat owners will need to make one very important decision: Gas or diesel? Both are options when it comes to boats, and there are pros and cons to using both of them. However, there have been differing opinions on which one is better for a marine setting in the past, so you will need to think long and hard about which one you install in your marine racing engine.

Gas vs. Diesel

At one time, diesel was significantly cheaper than regular gas, which made it an attractive option for boaters. They could pay about a third of the price of gas for diesel and save money. But diesel isn’t as cheap as it used to be when compared to gas, and diesel engines will also typically cost you more money in other areas like maintenance. Diesel parts are more expensive than ones used in gas engines, and the labor involved with them can be more expensive, too.

There was also a time when people believed using diesel in a marine racing engine would help that engine last longer. After all, if diesel is used to power large trucks, generators, and other heavy-duty equipment, then shouldn’t it be used to power boats, too? Nevertheless, the problem is that many boats are only used from time to time, so the diesel can cause corrosion in some marine engines.

Diesel Advantages

That’s not to say that diesel doesn’t have some advantages to it. Diesel engines usually have a much lower fuel consumption than gas engines as well as a greater fuel range. Diesel engines also tend to perform better than their counterparts when they are used on larger boats. They can carry more of a load without putting too much strain on a boat.

Make an Informed and Educated Decision

However, before you make your final decision regarding gas and diesel engines, you should weigh out all factors, including cost, maintenance, performance, and more, and decide which is truly better for you.

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