Straight Thru Transfer Cases

Straight Thru Transfer Case

Quick Change Straight Thru Transfer Case

Compact unit, 10.666 C/L

10 ¼” Flange To Flange

90 lbs

Billet Aluminum Case

Super Strong Ground Gearing

Straight Thru Transfer Case Final Assembly

Straight Thru Standard ISO








Quick Change Straight Thru Transfer Case

9” high, 20” case length. Clockable left and Right top side mounting to maximize ground clearance.

Supplied with universal 1350/1410 companion flanges Input and rear output

Front output uses 9” ford pinion yoke 1310/1330/1350

Compound quick change gearing, 2.64 overdrive to 2.64 underdrive.

Each quick change set nets two ratios, except 1 to 1 set

Gear ratio examples: 2 gear Q.C. set 1.56 ratio x 3 gear rear set 1.56 = 2.43 Change Q.C. set to 1.52 ratio x 3 gear rear set 1.56 = 2.37. Change Q.C. set to 1.462 ratio x 3 gear rear set 1.56 = 2.28 flip Q.C. set 1.56 ratio to OVERDRIVE x 3 gear rear set 1.56 = 1 to 1


New for 2015

Straight Thru Transfer Case Mated to a Power Glide or Turbo 400 Transmission

We are very proud to unveil one of our newest Product lines of 2015. Many customers have asked for this product and we are more than pleased to announce that we have successfully created the Mated Straight Thru Transfer Case for our Customers.

Straight Thru 4×4 Transfer Case with PowerGlide and Turbo 400 Adaptors

Quick Change Gearing

10.666 Centerline


Ratios from 2.6 Overdrive to 3.8 Underdrive

Bolts Directly to Turbo 400 or PowerGlide Transmissions

Available in Driver or Passenger Side Orientation

Clockable up to 53° (Turbo 400 Only)

All Are available with a wide selection of Yokes, Flanges, and Couplers.

Straight Thru Turbo 400 (Passenger)

Turbo 400 Straight Thru (Passenger)

Straight Thru Powerglide

Power Glide Straight Thru






Turbo 400 Straight Thru Transfer Case (Passenger Side)

Straight Thru Powerglide

Straight Thru Oil Instructions


Both are available with the Same Gearing availability as the Non-Mated Case and the Same Options for Output Yokes and Flanges.