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When you are in need of high performance for your tractor, truck, monster truck or boat, look no further than SCS Gearbox. For more than 30 years, we have been serving as the leading manufacturer of quick change gears, 4×4 transfer cases, 10 spline gears, 6 spline gears and other custom machining applications. Our reputation, track record and satisfied customers are what make us the go to source for premium, high performance parts. We welcome you to browse through our website where you will find information about our parts, company info, contact information and more.

Whether you race trucks, cars, boats or monster trucks, you are in it to win, not to finish in second place. The same concept holds true for SCS Gearbox – we are in it to win and that happens when you are satisfied with us and our products. So the next time you are on the market for quick change gears, 4×4 transfer cases or high performance transmissions, start and end your search at SCS Gearbox!

Thank you for visiting SCS Gearbox, your number one source for quality manufactured quick change gears, 4×4 transfer cases, custom machining, high performance transmissions and so much more. For answers to questions about ordering, give us a call at 419-483-7278 or by emailing us at sales@scsgearbox.com. In the meantime, browse through the rest of our website to learn more about our products.

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The Superior Goods And Services Of SCS Gearbox Inc

SCS Gearbox Inc, manufactures specialized gearing for high performance racing applications in tractors, trucks, and much more.  When you take the time to see all that we have to offer, you will find a company with a track record of exceptional products with outstanding custmor service. SCS is a company that never settles for being less than the best it can be.  Here is a sample of what we have to offer.  You will find that we have just what you’re looking for.

Superior Products Since 1979

We have been in business since 1979 providing superior products from the start.  We started out manufacturing specialized gearing of a superior quality that motorsport enthusiasts needed, and continued to grow from there.  Now we have a product line that has expanded to include gearing for tractor and truck pulling, monster trucks, mud boggers, circle track quick change gearing, and International Offshore Boat racing.

Quality Products Every Time

Whatever items you might need you can be sure that with us you will get quality products every time.  Without exception, we provide superior quality gears .  When you want a company that you can count on for excellent products every single time you want to pay us a visit!

Unmatched Customer Service

We want to give you the best of everything so we pair our quality products with unmatched customer service.  You may be someone who knows exactly what product you need.  If you need this then we can speed through the process or have dealers worldwide to get you the gear you need. If you need more help selecting the accurate gearing for your set up, then we would like to help you do that.  We know our gears and after talking to us you will know about them too.

A Company That Grows With Its Clientele

We are a company that grows with its clientele.  We have expanded to provide the wide range of items that we sell today and we will continue to grow with our clientele into the future.  If you need Quick Change Gears and Custom Machining or a 4×4 Transfer Case, Transmissions, and Truck Gears.  We will do our very best to give you what you need.  Check out our web site to learn more.