Tyler Menninga Continues to Take the Monster Truck Driving Scene By Storm

If you’re not familiar with monster truck driver Tyler Menninga yet, you should get to know him now, because it appears as though he’s going to do some really special things in the monster truck world over the course of the next few years. Although he’s only 20, Menninga made his Monster Jam debut in 2016 as the driver of the Blue Thunder truck, and since then, he has seen his star continue to grow. He won the award for the 2017 Arena Wheelie of the Year and was named the 2017 Triple Threat East Series Champion.

In 2017, Menninga also moved from the Blue Thunder truck to the Grave Digger truck, and he performed one of the most amazing feats you’ll ever see while driving it. During a Monster Jam event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Menninga set a record for the longest front wheelie ever by keeping Grave Digger up in the air for more than a minute. He started by using a ramp to get the humungous truck up on its front tires, and then, he quickly shifted the truck from drive into reverse in order to keep Grave Digger completely upright for a minute. It was a stunt that could have potentially been dangerous, especially when you consider Menninga’s age, but he pulled it off and even finished things by driving up the ramp—backwards!—while he was still doing his wheelie.

This didn’t come as a shock to anyone since Menninga, as we just mentioned, won the 2017 Arena Wheelie of the Year award prior to doing his record-breaking wheelie. But it was still impressive nonetheless and showed what Menninga is capable of when he gets behind the wheel. In the future, we look forward to him doing even more stunts in Grave Digger, and we can’t wait to see where his imagination takes the monster truck world next.

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