SCS Gearbox Parts Are Being Featured on Dirty Mudder Truckers!

Dirty Mudder TruckersThis spring, the Discovery Channel debuted a new show called Dirty Mudder Truckers. It provides viewers with an inside look at the underground world of truck racing, and it focuses on a group of Florida racers who call themselves the Dirty 7. During each episode of Dirty Mudder Truckers, a different group of challengers squares off against the Dirty 7 for supremacy on the race truck, and so far, there have been several monster trucks showcased on the program.

SCS Gearbox is proud to report that some of the parts that we produce have been featured prominently on Dirty Mudder Truckers. When monster truck builders are putting together monster trucks and jam-packing them full of power, they know that they need high-quality parts to get the job done. They often turn to a company like SCS Gearbox to get the parts they need for their trucks, which is why it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see our parts pop up on Dirty Mudder Truckers.

If you have a monster truck of your own that needs some new parts put into it, SCS Gearbox carries a variety of parts that would work well for you and your truck. You can turn to us for quick change drop boxes, torsion bars, jack shafts, axles, spindles, brake flanges, and so much more. Our parts are specifically designed to deal with all of the jumping, racing, crashing, and off-roading that people do with their monster trucks. They’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them and make your truck last longer overall.

Look out for the monster truck parts produced by SCS Gearbox on Dirty Mudder Truckers. And if you want to get your hands on parts for your monster truck, call us at 419-483-7278 today to see what we have available in our inventory.