Rob Gronkowski Loves His Monster Truck

Rob Gronkowski has transformed himself into one of the biggest stars in the entire NFL in recent years. He’s a Pro Bowl player who has proven to be too big to handle for most of the defensive players around the NFL. When he takes the field, defenses can’t stop him from catching passes and scoring touchdowns, and he has a playful personality that fans of the New England Patriots just love.

With all of those things in mind, it should come as no surprise to hear that the Patriots tight end was the recipient of his very own monster truck during a recent monster truck show in the New England area. Gronkowski is sponsored by Monster Energy, and his sponsor hooked him up with a monster truck outfitted with his nickname “GRONK” his jersey number 87 before the Monster Jam show at Gillette Stadium. Gronkowski couldn’t have been more excited about it, as he posed for pictures in front of the custom-made truck with a huge smile on his face.


Can you blame Gronkowski for being so excited about seeing his name on the side of a monster truck? It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for him, so it’s no wonder why he was thrilled when he saw the truck for the first time. Kids and adults love monster trucks and to see one made specifically for you seems like something that would be beyond cool for a person.

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