Single Speed with Reverse

Simplicity is often the best route to go when you’re looking for premium power, and our single speed with reverse gearbox is no exception. This gearbox is designed for ease of use, which is why there are 18 chick-change gear ratios, a range of outputs and the input shaft can be built to any specs. Plus, the 70-lb weight means you aren’t making your ride too heavy with this gearbox.


Bellhousing or independent mounting

Any size input shaft to customer’s specification

Standard output 2/16-32 or optional 1 3/4-10 with bearing support for mud racing

Without Reverser Standard output is 1 3/4-27

Weighs 70 pounds with Reverser

Compact, Overall length only 15 inches with Reverser, without Reverser 8 3/4 inches

18 quick change gear ratios from 1.777:1 underdrive to 1:1.318 overdrive

414 total gear ratios from 3.16:1 underdrive to 1:737 overdrive

Reverse & Natural switches built into Reverser

Transmission brake optional

Matching driveline components available