Powerboat vs Sailboat

8603098_SSailboats and powerboats are two completely different animals. But if you’re a long-time sailor looking for something a little different, look no further. Sailing is a high-speed, technical sport that requires a laser focus and a lot of practice. Powerboat racing on a professional level is much the same, but there are quite a few differences on a recreational level. Here are our top five reasons for spending our down time on powerboats, rather than sailboats.

First, powerboating is just a more social event. Running a powerboat doesn’t require a team of human beings shouting over each other to jibe this, tack that, or get out of the way of the boom. It’s a drive, with banter, tangential conversation, and sightseeing. Your mind is free to wander, which is just not the case in sailing.

Second, there are very few weather restrictions on powerboating. Sailors need a strong wind, but not too much. Powerboats can go out in any weather that you can (or choose to).

Third, powerboats, even non-racing equipped powerboats, go faster. Sailboats max out at around 7 knots. Powerboats, on the other hand, run an average of 15 knots. Because of this, powerboats allow you and your passengers to use powerboats as a mode of transportation. You can spend an afternoon drifting around, or actually get somewhere.

Fourth, powerboats work for overnight trips. Overnight trips are possible in your larger sailboats, but not on an average sailboat. Powerboats of most sizes are very well equipped for comfort as well as functionality.

Finally, the wetness factor is drastically decreased on a powerboat. Sailing, between heeling and the spray off the hull, is a wet sport. Powerboat racing can certainly cause some spray, but it’s easily avoided. Sometimes it’s a nice switch to be able to wear decent clothes on the boat, as opposed to being decked out in suits or wetsuits.

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Source: http://propercourse.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/top-ten-reasons-why-powerboats-are.html

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