How to Make Your Motorcycle Keep Up with Your Fellow Riders

Motorcycles Most motorcycles already go plenty fast. However, some older motorcycles don’t have the kick that helps you keep up with your fellow motorcycle riders on the road. There are simple ways that you can make your motorcycle go even faster than it already does. Here are just a few ways that you can improve the overall speed of your motorcycle by making changes to it.

Swap Out Your Exhaust

You might not necessarily realize it, but the exhaust system that came with your motorcycle could be holding it back. Many stock exhaust systems are dramatically heavier than aftermarket exhaust systems, which means you could be carrying around more weight than you need to. By adding an aftermarket exhaust system, you can decrease the weight of your bike and add power to it. You will also make your motorcycle sound louder, which will give everyone the impression that you’re riding it faster.

Add an Adjustable Suspension

Some motorcycles come equipped with an adjustable suspension system, but unfortunately, many do not. You can add one to your motorcycle if it doesn’t already have one, and it will change the way that you are able to maneuver around on the street or track. You’ll get a much better response from your motorcycle when you’re riding it when you upgrade your suspension system, which will result in more speed in the long run.

Install Lighter Wheels

Many motorcycle companies know that people who buy their bikes are going to add their own wheels to it, so they don’t usually go all out when it comes to installing quality wheels. That means that many stock wheels are on the heavier side. If you are still using your original wheels and not getting enough speed, try going with a lighter option. The less weight your bike has to move, the faster it will be able to go.

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