How to Keep a Monster Truck in Good Condition

Maintaining a Monster Truck Monster trucks are gigantic machines that are capable of crushing other vehicles and performing a range of different tricks that would be impossible for the average car, truck, or SUV. However, just like other vehicles, monster trucks need to be maintained to keep them in good condition. Check out some of the things that must be done to make sure monster trucks are always at their best.

Servicing the engine.

Most of the engines inside of monster trucks cost well over $20,000. So most monster truck owners are diligent about performing basic tasks like oil changes. Nevertheless, they also need to take the time to care for the superchargers that are placed into monster truck engines. These superchargers could potentially explode if they aren’t installed the right way and anchored down. Servicing and maintaining this part of the engine is absolutely essential.

Repairing faulty brakes.

Monster trucks don’t have their brakes installed in the same place as most other vehicles. While your average car has brakes located right near the wheels, monster trucks are actually too powerful for this setup. Their brakes are located at the center of their axles in most cases. Despite this, they are still known to fail from time to time, so it’s important for monster truck teams to keep a close eye on them. All the power inside of a monster truck can create hellish conditions for a brake system.

Inspecting fuel tanks and lines.

Because of all the power associated with monster trucks, fires caused by fuel tanks and lines is always a very real possibility. Monster truck owners have been running their vehicles on methanol for years to cut down on the chance of fire, but even still, it’s a threat. Fuel and oil lines need to be threaded to make them stronger, and the fuel cell needs to be protected at all costs to prevent leaks.

There are so many different parts in a monster truck that need to be maintained. SCS Gearbox can help you care for your truck by providing you with replacement parts like torsion bars, quick change drop boxes, spindles, and more. Call us at 419-483-7278 to place an order.