Driving Monster Trucks Are Not Just For Men

Female Monster Truck Drivers If you’ve ever attended a monster truck show, then you have probably noticed that the majority of monster truck drivers are men. In fact, there’s a good chance that all of the monster truck drivers are the average show are males. However, monster truck driving is definitely not just for men, and there are some truly amazing women who are taking part in the sport. They are proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that monster trucks are for everyone, regardless of your gender.

One female monster truck driver who has really made waves in the monster truck world is Candice Jolly. She joined the Monster Jam circuit back in 2007 and amazed audiences with the things she did in her Monster Mutt Dalmatian truck. The truck was 12-foot-tall and 10-foot-wide and weighed about 12,000 pounds. However, that didn’t stop Jolly from jumping 30 feet in the air in it during races. She stole plenty of shows and illustrated that monster trucks are for both men and women.

Unfortunately, there is still an unbalance in the monster truck community as far as gender is concerned. According to Fox News, only 10 of the 88 Monster Jam truck drivers in 2018 are women. Nevertheless, more and more women are being encouraged to try their hand at monster truck driving, and role models like Jolly are making the monster truck world more accessible for them. It won’t be long before we all see more women driving monster trucks just like Jolly.

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